Food & Spirits Magazine’s New Website!

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We were extremely excited for the opportunity to build a WordPress website for a publication. I mean, after all, isn’t this the kind of stuff WordPress was built for? Anyway, this magazine has been a staple of Omaha’s dining and bar scene for several years now and we wanted their website to reflect that legacy. Their physical publication always makes for a nice coffee table piece, so we wanted to see if we could make their website shine like that.

The usual suspect requirements are always a must (fully responsive, built in analytics, SEO – THE WORKS!). We have also been very enthusiastic about animating our clients’ logos using HTML as of late, so this was going to be no exception. On top of all of that, they wanted ways for people to share their articles, comment on articles, as well as some login/community type stuff and a way for them to sell subscriptions to their readership.

No sweat! Were willing to put in as much work as they were. They had A LOT of articles to add to the site. So, since the editor was willing to learn WordPress and create the posts, they saved a TON of money. We don’t discuss how much our clients pay for their websites, but lets just say this particular site didn’t cost them more than $1000!

They have other big plans in the future for this website and are excited to watch it grow. Go check it out at Congrats to Food & Spirits Magazine.

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