Cutswell Lawncare was a fun one for use because the client came to us with no ideas…no even a name! The issue to overcome here was that the client was doing business as a name that was already taken by another established and registered company in the same industry.  We looked at this as our first opportunity to get into creating character-based branding. So, the mentality here was very much on the David Ogilvy or Leo Burnett style of  branding.

When we asked what the target market for this client was, they told us mostly younger people and some older people. So, we drew some inspiration from the SomeECards people and decided to take the branding in that direction. A kind of old school classic feel, but with a young spry, slightly comedic, twist. Thus we invented, Mr. Cutswell.

Next, we needed to figure out the text style and colors

Logo translation to other formats and mockups

Every business needs business cards…


Flyer advertisement

The website for this company is still in the works, but should be finished some time in the near future.

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