When we first sat down with Pro Grass this Spring, they had already been in business for over a decade and had been using this general logo (the decal on the side of the truck) for their branding and on their business cards:

Even though they initially came to us needing just a website, we strongly recommended a revamp of the branding, as it seemed dated and lacked that sense of professionalism that they provide to their clients.  Also, we wanted to ensure an absolutely stunning website, which would have probably been impossible with the given branding.  So, we got to work.

We knew we wanted to use a grass character, as his existing logo depicts a blade of grass with a face on it amidst the rest of the grass. However, we felt the rest of the grass was distracting and really didn’t allow for the character to really stand out. Here is the character we created for them, affectionately named, Blado Grass.

Next was the text part of the logo, we wanted something the stuck with the grass thing, but would still translate well in any color (so simply coloring some random font green wasn’t going to cut it – no pun intended). So, we figured, why not make it look like grass?!
the diamond plate metal idea for the word Pro was the client’s idea, and we liked it!

Here’s the final logo all together:


Here’s how the logo translates in some other ways:

Here’s a mockup of the business cards:


Next was the website. We went with a WordPress-based website, making it easy for them to update on their own, and also given the hosting they already owned that we built the site on (some Content Management Systems just play nicer on particular hosting providers).