In the midst of a crazy and exciting time for their company, Spirit World realized they were in need of a new website. When we met them, they had just announced that they were moving to a new location and expanding their company in multiple ways. They wanted to convey that with an all new website. They wanted things like the ability to update it themselves, a better way to display their menu on the website (no .pdf file link/download), and just a better all around experience. We knew just how to approach this.

WordPress was the perfect fit here, for multiple reasons. So, we got to work designing a site that would WOW their clientele. With a fully responsive theme, some heavy contrast, and a fully animated HTML5 logo in the header, we got the job done.

websitescreenshotClick on the image above to go to their website.

They also needed a few other miscellaneous things created as well…we were happy to help.

Parking Guide Handout

2 sided handout flyer illustrating the parking layout at Aksarben Village as well as some other things they wanted to point out

Digital Billboard Design

Design for a digital billboard located near the Aksarben area to emphasize their new location.

Digital Menu Boards

Last, but most definitely not least, is the digital menu boards we designed for them. They ended up getting their hands on two 60″ TVs with the intent to use them as digital menu boards. After doing this, and upon further research, most digital menu boards are entire systems (screens included) that you buy from a manufacturer of this kind of technology. Therefore, the idea of using standard flat screens for this purpose required some thinking outside the box. We realized that since they already have WordPress, we could use an eCommerce solution (WooCommerce in this case) as a way of entering and managing the different menu items through WordPress, then code some custom pages that live outside the WordPress framework, but rather import WordPress functionality (in this case WP_Query) into these custom pages to allow use to query data from WooCommerce on to the page. From there, we can just write out own custom HTML/CSS to format the page to look how we want. So, without further or due, you can see the end result of the menu boards in this video. Sorry, the video was taken from kind of far away, so you can’t make out the details on the board. However, you are welcome to go to Spirit World’s new location in Aksarben Village and check them out for yourself.

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