We proudly have a long standing working relationship with Steiner Academy. Steiner Academy first came to us back when they first became a company. They were looking for help with concepting their logo.  So we helped them with an idea for the logo. He had an artist of his draw up the concept and send us the illustration below.

Next he wanted something to contain the graphic, like a shield. The idea is to contain the text and graphic together in one image so it can eventually be made into a patch. After many renditions and some styling to give it some dimension, we ended up with this.

Next they needed a certificate designed to distribute to students upon rank promotions.



Then, he needed some proper business cards

Here’s the concept for his website header. A modified version of this is still being used today. 


Soon after opening his martial arts school, Steiner founded a subsidiary academy called the Steiner Academy of Firearms Training. Here’s the logo.

In the spirit of bringing multiple martial arts schools together for some invaluable cross-education, Steiner co-founded BudoCampOnline.com. We recently redid their website for them.
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