Warrior Fitness Logo
Warrior Fitness first approached me only a little more than a year into its existence and a DIY logo and website created by the them. Like many startups, branding and a pro website were secondary to simply getting their company up and going so they can start to pay some bills. However, they realized it was time to get some more official branding established before they start pouring money into merchandise and other promotional materials. Bizzle Designs was there to help.

The goal create a brand that matched the aggressiveness of their workout plans, but was still attractive to their target market. We had to make sure not to blend in with competitors, but still make sure we stood out from bigger more mainstream gyms and fitness centers of the sort to make sure we didn’t attract the wrong kinds of clients.

Their existing logo depicted a Spartan warrior in front of some sort of graphic that resembled the Wonder Woman logo.
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Many times, we like working from an existing logo. It really helps give us some direction and insight in to the objectives for the client.

Here are some early concepts in the process.



Here’s the inspiration for the W letter.



Here’s the final version of the logo


Here’s a mockup of the final business cards (featuring spot UV on the word “Fitness” to make it look like sweat in proper lighting)

Wondering what that logo would look like in a 1 color situation? Check out all the merchandise they had made for their clients to wear!

Here’s a glimpse at the homepage of the website we created for them. The website was created on the WordPress framework with a client management system built in. You can visit the site at www.warriorfitnesscenter.com


We also directed a photoshoot and did the photo editing for the trainer’s photos.