What are your web needs? Security? Responsive? Scalability? Maintainability? SEO? Statistics? These are all standards in the sites we build, not a premium service.  Every site we design now is 100% responsive. This means it has been tested and approved to optimally perform on any device (from computers to mobile). Our websites always have offline modes, admin login, and other security features. We also set up Search Engine Optimization and statistics tracking in every site we make. All of this information is accessible by you!

Our sites are all built on popular Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress and Joomla, so our clients have the freedom to tweak simple content on the site with ease and whenever they want.

Although we do offer leasing of our hosting space for our clients’ websites, we recommend all our clients to order, own, and manage their own hosting for their site. This allows our clients to be independent owners of their sites and does not tie them down to using our services. Want to switch to someone else? Simply change your login credentials for your hosting and we are hands-off, if that’s what you want – no hard feelings. We pride ourselves on building an extremely transparent and responsible relationship with our clients.