The Value of Blogging for Businesses

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Over the years, we have built many websites for clients. Most inquire about a blog being added to their site, so it’s safe to assume that many already understand the value. With that said, there still exists a couple of common problems: there are still some businesses that do not understand the value, and the ones that do often have a hard time actually doing it. Let’s attempt to solve these problems together – right here – right now.

Obvious Goals for Business Websites

There are many reasons for a business to want a website. The most common and obvious one is simply to act as an online, interactive, and dynamic advertisement/business card. Of course, every business wants to seem legitimate in the eyes of their customers/clients. Establishing a presence on the web, and more importantly on search engines, so that people online can find your business or information relating to it. Even the most basic of websites should achieve these things. What some don’t realize is that having an active blog on your website can push all of these characteristics to a whole other level.

The Top Reasons for Businesses To Blog

Active blogs make your website more dynamic by adding new content regularly, and allow customers to interact with this content through commenting (in the cases that this level of interaction is desired). A website that has time-stamped content being added regularly shows customers/clients that this website was not just thrown online and forgotten about while also showing the business is currently up and firing on all cylinders. The more relevant content you have on your website, the more ways people can find their way to your website using search engines. If done strategically, a website with a blog can be very powerful in all of these aspects.

What WordPress is Made For

It’s no secret that many businesses are building their websites on WordPress these days. There are a lot of reasons for this, but one big one is that many businesses understand the value of building their website on some kind of Content Management System (CMS). Many choose WordPress because it is popular and widely supported. What some businesses seem to forget, is that WordPress was initially designed for blogging exclusively. For this reason, having a WordPress website without an active blog is like only using a gun as a melee weapon. The out-of-the-box blogging features that come with WordPress make it powerful tool to build a website on for other reasons than just that it’s a well-known CMS.

What to Blog About

This is where I feel many businesses struggle. They know why they should blog, and they understand the power of blogging and how it can benefit their website. Unfortunately, many businesses either don’t make the time to do it, or have a hard time coming up with relevant content. So, let’s learn how to think about blogging in a more strategic fashion.

Your customers (and especially search engines) want to be able to visit your website and find information that they might find helpful or interesting to them. Obviously the internet already has tons of information on it, and some might think, “I’m not good at writing. There’s other information about this stuff on the web already written better than I can do it”. Let’s just assume that’s true (even though you can’t really know that until you try). Why force your customers to go find this info on their own? Sometimes people don’t know what they need to know. By offering information relevant to your industry, business or trade, you add an element of convenience to your site for your customers.

So…think about some things you think your customers want to know more about and write about it! You’re a professional – so offer some professional insight. Take this blog post for example. I’m sure there are a ton of articles online about this very topic. However, by articulating my understanding of the topic to my clients, I show them that I think this is information they may find beneficial and that I am willing to take the time to explain it for them on my site instead of hoping they go off and think about this on their own (which may or may not happen). The benefits of having my clients (people who need a website built) understand the value of something I provide them should be obvious. So think about your business’s target audience and imagine what they may be wondering about when it comes to services your businesses provides. If you are a gym, blog about different exercises or weight loss methods. If you are a construction business, blog about common building problems your business experiences and how to identify them.

If you can guess something your customers are wondering, you should write about it. It’s really that simple.

What Does All This Mean?

Blogging is not just for hobbyists. Blogging is not just for writers. The benefits of maintaining an active and relevant blog on your company’s website are astronomical. Set a weekly reminder for yourself on your calendar to add a blog post to your website. Once this becomes a habit, you will get better at it, your website’s content will improve, and you inevitably see more traffic on your site, and hopefully, more ROI from your website.

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